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TOGETHER ! NOW ! 7sky.life Connection VII Lausanne 23rd May

It is with great joy that we invite you to the next 7sky.life Connection at the Casino de Montbenon. As at previous meetings, the intention is to come together and to strive together in order to open our minds. To awaken our consciousness to the beauty of mankind, to the wisdom of the animal soul, to the purity of our children’s visions. For finally understanding and feeling how essential the plant world is to our daily well-being.

On the theme “Together! Now!’ this 7th edition invites us to perceive the interdependence of these 4 kingdoms that are the human, animal, vegetable and spiritual realm. We are very pleased to welcome four experts, each of whom will speak for 20 minutes on their field of expertise. These specialists are going to enable us, for one evening, to become aware of the invisible link that unites these different plans and unites all of us. To perceive the original beauty and sincerity that inhabit each realm.

The 7sky.life Connection VII Lausanne takes place Thursday, May 23, 2019

Opening doors, networking: 6pm
Start of the conference: 7:30 pm
End of the conference: 22h00
Followed by a glass of friendship

Address :
Casino de Montbenon Allée Ernest-Ansermet 3
1003 Lausanne
Registration required >> HERE: https://up.7sky.life/7sky-life-connection-vii-lausanne/
Price ‘free’

Why do we absolutely have to stop 5G?

Why is it so important to get together now? To answer this question, we give the floor to Tamlin Schibler Ulmann and Olivier Bodenmann, two of the organizers of the Stop 5G National Event on May 10 in Bern. With their sensitivity and understanding of life, they will explain to us why we absolutely must stop 5G, this ultra high-speed wireless network that is extremely worrying and harmful to Man and the planet. They will also show us to what extent 5G could be the extra drop of water needed for Humanity to wake up to their sovereignty.

Our allies, the human beings

To talk to us about the Humans, we welcome Max Piccinini, a man of heart and an extraordinary success coach. He will introduce us to our allies, the human beings by referring to the thousands of people he has already coached. These examples of thousands of transformed lives demonstrate that once our conditioning, beliefs and limitations are overcome, we will then be able to see the treasure and beauty that inhabit each of us.

Frédérique Pichard, a true human dolphin, will present the theme: our messengers, animals and dolphins. As long as we are trapped in the meanders of our conditioning, dolphins are going to have an important role to play in the awakening of humankind. Frédérique Pichard invites us to explore this subject in greater depth in a workshop on Saturday 25 and Sunday 26 May in Lausanne, in order to dive even deeper into the depths of the wisdom that resides in this fascinating animal.

Jacques Antonin is a true Bible of the vegetal world. For 20 minutes, he will share his knowledge around our partners, the living food and plants, insisting on the idea that the link with the plant world is essential for the well-being of humanity.

The Lecture of Jacques Antonin is the perfect conclusion to this evening. An evening accompanied by the music of the composer Yves Ruhlmann. His improvisation at the piano will be directly inspired by the harmony of the exchanges.

And last but not least, we are pleased to welcome the incredible Xriss (Jor). Accompanied by the virtuoso piano player César Correa, the singer will perform soul pop songs in between each intervention, do you know anything more stimulating than music to boost energy?

The evening will be presented by Coco Tache & Baptiste Delalaye.

We look forward to seeing many of you in order to celebrate the upcoming 7sky.life Connection! Offer yourself this evening, offer it to your friends and register for the event that is going to take place in the magnificent and cosy ‘salle’ Paderewski at the Casino de Montbenon. Come and experience with us this moment rich of emotions and “Re” Connection! “Together, now”!

Registration required >> HERE: https://up.7sky.life/7sky-life-connection-vii-lausanne/
Price ‘free’

Valérie Penven supports

Thursday 23 May 2019, 7sky.life Connection VII Lausanne, 'together, now'


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