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The manifest of the new earth

We invite YOU, to participate ACTIVELY in the shaping of a New Age/Era on our wonderful planet. Together we are creating a VISION – a basis to develop a new form of coexistence that is conducive to all life. We welcome any advice and new ideas.

More about how you can contribute yourself, you will find at the end of this text.

Us – sovereign people of flesh and blood – recognize, that humans are part of the Earth’s ecosystem. We recognize that the health of us humans is intimately connected with the health of plants, animals, waters, soils and the air.

We demand a world in which all actions and laws  serve the well-being of all life. In respect and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity. In truth – freedom/equality/fraternity – peace – love.

Therefore, the following shall be enacted by our governments with immediate effect: 


a.) We demand an immediate regeneration of the basis of life on earth: our soils.

As of now, the deconstruction of soil areas sealed in recent years[1], the detoxification of soils and the humus build-up are to be promoted. To this end, free composting and humus-building seminars are now being offered nationwide.

No more toxic sprays or fertilizers may be applied to our fields, meadows and beds. Instead, local production of plant or animal-based organic fertilizers will be encouraged.

b.) From now on, only sustainable and organic farms will be supported.

For all others, free retraining in sustainable, organic[2]agriculture and its regional distribution options will take place with immediate effect.

During the transition phase, non-organic products will be subject to a toxin tax. The money raised in this way will go directly to the retraining programs.

c.) High priority is given to the purification of all waters in our country.

We demand that healthy, clean water flow from all water supplies. Everyone shall have the opportunity to bathe in pure, healthy streams, rivers, lakes or seas in their neighborhood.

Rivers and streams shall be re-naturalized whereever possible.

 d.) High priority is given to the purification of the air we breathe,

We demand a ban on exhaust gases containing aluminum and metal, on exhaust gases that pollute the air in general, and the reduction of the emission of fine dust and air pollution of any kind, especially from airplanes.

 e.) 60% of the forests – the “lungs of our earth” and producers of pure oxygen – are put under nature protection.
In the last centuries brutally cleared former forest areas are reforested under the guidance and in cooperation with integrally thinking and feeling, future-oriented foresters and people, such as Helmut Thoma (A), Peter Wohlleben (D) or Ernst Zürcher (CH).

Foresters of all countries are trained in sustainable forest management.

The goal of forestry operations is no longer a monetary return, but a healthy forest. Likewise, such courses are recommended to all forest owners and they are sponsored.


f.) From now on, all food will be renatured again,

 Artificial additives of all kinds may only be used if a committee of doctors, biologists, alternative practitioners of various disciplines have determined their harmlessness.

Sugar and refined fats, wheat flour, as well as denatured foods, which have demonstrably led to an unnatural increase in allergies and obesity in recent decades, must be largely replaced by wholesome foods.

 g.) Toxins are to be removed from all product cycles with immediate effect.
Wise scientists are working here with the chemical companies to make the production of clothes, of textiles, of technical materials, of paints, ethical and environmentally friendly.

h. ) Factory farming shall be prohibited with immediate effect.

Milk and other products obtained from animals may only be produced with animal husbandry appropriate to the species. 

We demand that cage farming be completely abolished and that each animal be provided with a natural run.

We demand that the animals are slaughtered in their natural and accustomed environment and that they are perceived and honored as sentient beings.

 Workers from the meat industry shall be retrained in organic farming, if they choose so.
 i.) Our old “hospitals” will be transformed into holistic “healing spaces”.

The new healing concept and the construction of the corresponding rooms and spaces will be developed

with the knowledge and experience of medical doctors, alternative practitioners, energetics, nutritionists, physiologists, biologists, psychologists, spiritual teachers, geomancers and Feng Shui specialists.

 These new healing areas will be surrounded by forests with forest bathing trails, mindfulness paths, and streams and lakes that will promote regeneration and healing.

Animals and plants support the healing process.

We demand that the following principles be recognized for the new concept of healing:

1. Man does not end at the surface of his skin, but is a multidimensional being with several “body” layers,

all connected and interacting with each other.

2. Man is an on all layers interconnected part of the Earth ecosystem, which is a living organism.

ORIGINAL: 2. Der Mensch ist ein auf allen Ebenen verbundener Teil des Ökosystems Erde, eines lebendigen Organismus .

3. The 5 biological laws of nature (according to Harmer)

4. Man has excellent self-healing powers, which must be primarily supported.

We demand that holistic therapy methods are used in these healing spaces, which correspond to the individual needs of the people.

We demand that healing methods that have successfully helped people to heal during centuries through the power of nature and activation of natural self-healing forces be fully recognized, applied and taught.

Natural healing methods are preferred because they have few side effects compared to the products of the pharmaceutical industry, while also supporting local producers.

It is our wish that patents and inventions that contribute to the healing of mankind and the earth will from now on be developed, built and generously made available to mankind for the benefit of all life.


j.) The birth of humans, but also animals, shall respected as a sacred ritual.

It shall be ensured that women have free access to childbirth preparation courses developed by experienced and holistic midwives and doulas.

Likewise, birthing centers will be established where women can choose how and in the presence of whom they want to give birth to their children. The children will be accompanied into the world in a loving and gentle, mindful way.

k.) “If we lose the fear of death, we lose the fear of life”. 

We demand that together with doulas, death companions of all religions, courses are developed that enable people to develop a fear-free approach to the topic of “death” and also to learn to grieve freely.

It should also be made possible for dying people or their relatives that the body of their loved one may legally remain laid out for another 4 days, so that the soul can slowly and gently detach itself and the relatives have enough time to say a proper farewell to their loved ones.


l.) The rollout of 5G must be stopped immediately and all equipment must be dismantled.

From now on it will be ensured that all households who so wish are provided with (fiber-optic) cables.

The highest priority is to research and immediately deploy telecommunications technologies that are harmless to humans, animals and plants.

In the future, this will include well-researched and long-term tested healing frequencies for regeneration.

From now on, radiation-free areas will be established in every country where sick and radiation-sensitive people can recover. 

m.) We demand that only light frequencies are used in lamps that do not harm the human immune system.

LED and halogen lights must be replaced immediately by long-lasting and energy-saving incandescent lights.


 a.) At the center of the development of potential stands the human being, who is fully supported to developing his or her highest potential.  

We demand that kindergartens, schools, training and further education that serve human potential are freely accessible to all.

In the new kindergardens, schools and learning-spaces the experience of nature is central. The learning content is in accordance with the laws of nature is not only taught, but experienced first-hand through direct contact with forests, farms, gardens, waters, animals.

At the end of their education, people should not see themselves as a loose element of a system, but perceive themselves as part of a large living organism.

Forest kindergartens and forest-near schools have enough capacity to accommodate many children from the city as well. Children are also integrated into agriculture for hands-on experience.

Own farms provide a space for regeneration and therapy of drug addicts, including digital media addicts.

Priority is thus given to the development of each child’s individual potential and their heart formation (Herzensbildung) , first and foremost the healing of wounds inflicted in the past and sabotaging beliefs.


b.) Courses for a New Consciousness

We demand that brain researchers, peace researchers, therapists, happiness researchers and coaches of different directions work together to develop courses that promote a new awareness of being human

in harmony with nature and the laws of nature.

These courses will be obligatory for all educating caregivers, teachers, in order to prepare them in the best possible way for their so important task. 

These courses will include the following areas:

* Non-violent communication

* Mindfulness and meditation

* Shadow work and self-reflection

* Feeling work and heart intelligence

* The laws of nature and the cosmic laws

* Sustainable living and self-responsibility

* The principles of life energy

* Health and nutrition in harmony with nature

* Sexuality


The contents of these courses, which in every point are oriented towards the “well-being of all life”, are then offered to the children and young people in the new nature kindergartens, forest schools and “regeneration spaces”.

c.) We demand cooperation of the different branches of science.

We demand an integral view and cooperation of all sciences, because there is no phenomenon that does not interact with all layers and levels of being.

Scientists and research institutions must not be dependent on political or industrial interests.

d.) We call for the promotion cultural expression. We demand the promotion of

d.) Wir fordern eine Förderung des kulturellen Ausdrucks der Menschen.

Culture, creativity and intuition shall be given the same importance as intellectual development.

In the new schools children get offered a wide range of activities that support the blossoming of their creativity.

We respect and appreciate the old customs, dances, songs of our ancestors. Knowing that our ancient roots sustain us in the present.
 In order to develop a better understanding of other cultures and customs, exchange stays for pupils, students and adults are offered. Likewise, the stay of people from other cultures in our country for cultural exchange

is encouraged .  

e.) Special attention is also given to the promotion of craftsmanship.

In the new schools, children and young people will have the opportunity to experience handicrafts and a variety of professional activities in a very practical way, in order to learn about different professions for their future career choice.

 Our governments support every person who feels his true vocation and wants to make it his new profession.


a.) Inspired by Michael Braungart’s principle of “cradle-to-cradle”, we demand production cycles in which there is no more waste, but only more nutrients.

Consumer goods, such as cleaning agents, shampoos or body care products, are produced from naturally renewable raw materials, i.e. plants, and are returned to the earth as fertiliser after use.

Consumer goods, such as cars, washing machines and computers, are made from so-called technical nutrients, from which new appliances can be made again at the end of their service life – through a recycling process that is gentle on people and nature.

Packaging materials must either be refillable or compostable.

As far as possible, food is offered without packaging or can be filled in containers to be brought along. All packaging is recycled after its service life.

Production is generally based on the 5R principle: 1. R-efuse, 2. R-educe, 3. R-use, 4. R-epurpose, 5. R-ecycle

Producers are in constant communication with people so that only more is produced that is actually needed.

  b.) We also demand that appliances must be manufactured in such a way that they can be easily repaired.

Any qualified craftsman will be able to make these devices functional again by means of instructions supplied by the manufacturer.

 c.) We demand that imports and exports be reduced to products and foodstuffs that cannot be produced in our country.

Strictly nothing is imported from producers who exploit people, animals and nature. 

d.) We demand that small and medium-sized production enterprises and regional handicrafts be promoted.

We demand that especially regional markets with regional products and farm-gate sales at the producers themselves, as well as initiatives that support direct marketing by farmers, are promoted.

e.) High priority is given to the research and development of renewable and sustainable energy at all levels.

The aim is for every village, community and district to be self-sufficient in energy.

f.) We demand that public transport be made freely accessible.


The creation of so-called “new villages” and “new neighbourhoods” around existing cities shall be encouraged. This means the restructuring of existing villages or the ecological construction of new villages.

Communities of 100-300 people are formed here.

New buildings are built 100% according to ecological guidelines, including composting toilets.

As much as possible is used communally, such as co-working spaces, agricultural equipment, tools, seldom-used kitchen machines, cars, etc.

To facilitate communication within the community, the residents are offered courses from the most successful communication methods such as non-violent communication, sociocracy.

In this New Village, nutrient-rich vegetables, fruits, nuts and berries are grown according to organic guidelines, which can also be sold in the nearby town.

People are trained to teach others about humus building, composting and organic farming.

The medicinal herbs for the healing rooms are also grown here and seminars on how to make herbal medicine are offered.

The springs are public and special places available free of charge to all. These springs are very well cared for and constantly tested to guarantee the purity of their water.


We demand that our cities shall immediately be greened.

The old and new trees of our city filter fine dust, provide a healthy microclimate, shade and supply oxygen. The leaves serve as nutrients to build up humus in the city.

The edible city – your food grows in the city:

Urban gardening” is being particularly promoted and advertised to turn our cities into “edible cities”:

growing vegetables, fruits, berries and nuts and keeping bees within the city. This can be implemented in parks, in former industrial areas, which are often located on very fertile soil, in open urban spaces, but also in backyards, on roofs, balconies, on facades, through vertical beds or by placing raised beds on wide pavements.

Larger urban gardening initiatives have their own restaurants or cafés where the fresh regional products are cooked and offered.

In the “urban villages”, initiatives are formed for joint cultivation and cooking communities. Here people connect with their neighbours, old people remain integrated into the community and young people learn from the wealth of experience of the older generations.

In the city and in the countryside, “repair cafés” are forming – people with a talent for handicrafts or IT specialists who can restore broken equipment.

There are well-developed cycle paths everywhere. There are car-sharing initiatives for trips to the countryside or for transport.

Every region must be able to secure the basic supply of people self-sufficiently.


We demand that a new monetary system be introduced. A full money, which has real value. The money covers the real exchange of services and goods. Speculation is abolished. Interest is abolished.

Only fees for processing transactions remain.

Micro-taxes on all purchases allow the state to pay 100% for health care, for the construction of roads, of schools, for education, for culture and for medical interventions.

The priority in our new culture is the health and the potential development of the people, money in our culture serves only as a real means of exchange for the needs of the living beings.

 Water and electricity in the amount of daily needs are freely available to everyone.

For each humans an otherwise unconditional basic income is available against a moderate social employment.

Money should no longer lie idle in the banks, but serve sustainable projects and the community. From a still to be defined possession upper limit the money is to be put to a project serving the community for the transformation of the new earth.

We call on regions to develop and use regional currencies to support their regional producers, artisans and service providers.


From now on there is absolute transparency about which media is financed by whom. This is to be presented right at the beginning in the impressum. This serves to have clarity about whom the contents of the articles, broadcasts, etc. may be of service to.

In the Corona crisis we have become increasingly aware of the fact that the media have the power to massively influence and steer each person individually as well as the entire population.

We demand that the media report in a differentiated manner and commit to formulating their articles in a life-affirming and solution-oriented manner. During the annual flu epidemic, information about strengthening the immune system, prevention and cure should be communicated. Journalists are trained to formulate the messages in such a way that no fear is created amongst the people and the self-responsibility of the readers is strengthened in relation to what is written.

Young people are urged already in school not to believe public or social media thoughtlessly, but always to question: “What does this medium want me to believe & cui bono, i.e. who does it serve if I believe this?”, what does my common sense say about it, what does the intelligence of my heart tell me?

We demand freedom of the press and independent reporting.

An an end to media monopolies.

Everyone has the right to move around in their environment without being influenced by advertising. Advertising in public places will therefore be stopped with immediate effect. Signs leading to local businesses may remain.

Advertisements on the radio, TV stations must be announced in advance and marked with a time stamp to give listeners and viewers the opportunity to escape in time.

Advertisements on the Internet may be placed only with prior clear declaration of consent of the users.


In order to avoid lobbying in the future, also in politics, we demand a new transparent form of democracy.

A democracy in which there will no longer be a party system. People will become politicians who have proven in their past that they are not only highly competent and responsible, but can also think in a

(vernetzt denken können) networked interconnected inter…… way, i.e. beyond their actual field of expertise and have already proven that they care about the well-being and health of all life.

For important decisions, a council of wise men and women is established, which also includes wise women and men of indigenous peoples, as they have preserved a knowledge that we have largely forgotten in our culture.

Of course, every inhabitant of our country is invited to contribute his or her constructive ideas to this.

There must be transparency for everyone about every action taken by politicians that is relevant to all people.

In the future, every politician will also take personal responsibility for his or her actions in order to prevent laws from being adopted that benefit the private sector alone, while harming people, animals or plants.

 We demand the establishment of potential centers where, among other things, people who have committed criminal acts undergo an intensive therapy program for resocialization. There, too, these people heal in connection with nature.


The military is purely defensive and serves where it is most needed during peacetime.

 The police resumes its role as a friend and helper of the citizens – as a peace-keeper. It is at the service of the laws decided by all the people.

Both the military and the police are at the service of the people and receive special training in non-violent communication, peacekeeping, mediation, and more.



Each of our actions and each law is always
aimed at the well-being of all life

– in respect and mindfulness for the earth and its diversity.
Truth – Liberty/Fraternity/Equality – Peace – Love

We are very excited to continue working with you on this New Earth Manifesto.

It’s not about me and you anymore.
It’s about US.
It’s about how WE imagine our world TOMORROW, together.
Because by nurturing these thoughts, developing the feeling for it,
And feeling the love for it in our hearts, we create it.
You are most welcome to contribute to this manifesto we have prepared in collaboration, and to share YOUR vision and your comments with us,
so that together we can bring it into reality as soon as possible.

Please add your comments below in the comments section of the manifesto,
Coco is also available for you personally at coco@7sky.life or 0041/79/208 47 84 during the Christmas days.

See you very soon, and merry Christmas,

Your Catharina & Coco***

Your Catharina and Coco***

Coco Tache supports

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